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Cowboys’ Dez Bryant won’t respond to Washington’s Josh Norman’s jabs … yet

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There’s no cornerback better at getting under opponents’ skin than Washington’s jersey, and there’s no receiver now playing who’s seen more than jersey. So naturally, they’re already at it, three months before the season begins.

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Norman fired the first shots last week, in a Bleacher Report article where he lit up Bryant as “just a guy.” “He doesn’t ‘wow’ you,” Norman said. “For me, he don’t. For other guys, he probably will do the worst to them because he’ll bully them. But you can’t bully a bully. You know what I’m saying?”

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Naturally, in the did-you-hear-what-he-said-about-you world that is the NFL, we had to get Bryant’s reaction. And, well … it wasn’t much. “Why would I respond to that?” Bryant said, according to ESPN. “He’ll see me when he sees me. When I line up against him, we’re going to go at it. That’s what it is.”

Wholesale Taylor Hart jersey In what reads like classic I’m-not-mad-this-is-funny-to-me distancing, Bryant insisted he wasn’t bothered. “I don’t have no words to say to him,” he said. “There’s no extra motivation. All I care about is me. All I care about is that first game, that second game, that third game, that fourth game, all the way up to the last game, all the way up to the playoffs.”

Dallas won both matchups last year, with Bryant totaling 12 catches for 174 yards across both. This year, Washington hosts the first game on Oct. 29, with Dallas getting the back half of the matchup on Nov. 30. This’ll be fun.

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